Wake Up

My first game in the Godot 4 game engine. A simple scoot and shoot fps survival game.

Wake Up

Wake Up is an arena, fps, endless survival game that isn't intended to be overly complex.

Install on Windows

Due to Godot 4 limitations I was not able to export this to the web (I tried but half of it doesnt render)

  • Get the game from the download button above in the header
  • Extract the game to a location on your Windows PC
  • Open WakeUp.exe

WakeUp.exe must be in a non compressed folder with WakeUp.pkg

Godot 4

Wake Up is meant to be as simple as possible so that I could try out a new game engine, Godot 4.


  • Easiest learning curve
  • Quickest to implement games in
  • GDscript is easy and flexible


  • Least mature of the popular game engines ie. Unreal, Unity. It seems to me like many features in other engines are not yet available
  • Information specific to Godot 4 is hard to find because it is too new and changing often. However, the docs are rapidly improving and much of the Godot 3 content is still very useful.


I was greatly inspired by SparkChild, which I must say is a far better game than mine despite being only 2D so feel free to give it a try!